50 Cent To Floyd Mayweather: 'You Are My Little Brother'


The news that Floyd Mayweather witnessed the murder-suicide of Earl Hayes and Stephanie Moseley yesterday (Dec. 8) on FaceTime didn’t see with his friend-turned-foe 50 Cent too well. The G-Unit general took to IG to send some uplifting words to his former homie.

50mayweather instagram

 “RIP Hayes, @floydmayweather you are my little brother. All can think about is what you said to me up stairs. Don’t you ever do nothing to your self no matter what champ. We can fall out and fight or what ever,but I don’t want to see you go out like that.”

Floyd seemingly appreciated those words because he later reposted the kind post on his Instagram page.

Hayes was a rapper that Mayweather had signed to his record label, Philthy Rich Records. Hayes reportedly killed his wife due to claims of infidelity. Hayes reportedly video-called Mayweather and told him that he was going to kill Moseley because he believed she had been unfaithful. Though Mayweather pleaded with him not to do it, Hayes went through with it and then turned the gun on himself while Mayweather witnessed it all through FaceTime.