Action Bronson Almost Sent To The Grave By “Eating For Sport”

Action Bronson is focusing on his health during the quarantine.

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(AllHipHop News) Everyone knows Action Bronson loooooves food.

He’s an award-winning chef, who has written two cookbooks while presiding over his hit show “F##k That’s Delicious.”

However, his passion for food became deadly when he topped the scales, reaching almost 400 lbs.

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Now Action Bronson is on a mission to lose weight like never before. The rapper got focused on his health during the quarantine.

According to the Queens, New York artist, he’s lost 65 pounds so far thanks to a new rigorous fitness regimen and a healthier diet.

“I was on a path that leads straight to the graveyard,” Action Bronson said. Eating for sport took its toll but its myfault and its on me to fix it. I busted my ass for the past 3 months and I’m down to 298.”

The good news comes as Action Bronson cares for his newborn baby while juggling a busy career.

Season 4 of “F##k That’s Delicious” just returned after a two-year hiatus, and Action Bronson is also preparing to release new music with his album Only For Dolphins.