Afrika Bambaataa Accuser Starts Foundation To Combat Sexual Predators


(AllHipHop News) The first man to accuse Afrika Bambaataa of sexual molestation has decided to make proactive step to prevent children from being molested.

Ronald Savage made shocking allegations that the Hip-Hop pioneer sexually accosted him when he was underage in the early 1980’s.

Now, Bee Stinger as he was known in his Zulu Nation days, is starting a new organization to stop what he says happened to him from happening again.

Stinger does not mention Afrika Bambaataa by name in an exclusive statement to, but he refers to an unnamed person as “the godfather of Hip-Hop.”

“This is the time that all communities including the Hip-Hop world to remind our children about sexual predators instead of turning a blind eye in Hip-Hop,” Stinger said. “This reminds us that molestation isn’t just in churches…but also in Hip-Hop.”

Stinger also stated that Hip-Hop culture as a whole must speak out.

“I am willing to listen and share ideas worldwide about this growing issue and teach our children that not speaking up will only hurt you in the end,” Savage said. “I am challenging the intelligence and priority values of rappers and entertainers worldwide to reach out to me to start dialogue in how are you going to help me protect the children who buy your music.”

“We have to remember as entertainer’s children come first not predators and not reminding ourselves and our children what happened to Ronald Savage and others is sheltering the truth so a predator can strike again but this time it might be your child. The hip hop world needs to keep this lesson close and learn from my situation the lifelong effects and turning a blind eye does not help Hip-Hop it hurts it,” Savage concluded.

Afrika Bambaataa has never been convicted of any crime, even though multiple men have stated he molested them as kids. In all cases, the statue of limitations had long passed.