Akademiks Calls Freddie Gibbs “Police” For Leaking His Phone Number

Akademiks says he told Freddie Gibbs, “stop talking bout me or link up” but, instead the rapper leaked his phone number on social media.

Akademiks and Freddie Gibbs began the new year the same way they left the old, throwing online shots at each other. The controversial podcaster will also start 2022 with a new phone number following this latest exchange between the pair. 

“Freddie Gibbs leaked my number after I asked him to either stop talking bout me or link up,” Akademiks tweeted. “And u want me to believe Jim Jones didn’t pulverize that sucker in Prime 112? Bruh asked for my number to put on ig bout ‘call him.’” He tagged the “Alfredo” hitmaker adding, “@FreddieGibbs u police.”  

This latest installment of their social media feud began when Uncle Murda mentioned Freddie Gibbs’ alleged beatdown from Jim Jones during his end-of-year rap up. Ak was quick to make a joke out of it. “@FreddieGibbs u made the infamous uncle Murda Rap up,” he tweeted.  

Freddie Fires Back At Murda

Meanwhile, Freddie took to his socials to share his thoughts, though failed to mention Uncle Murda or Akademiks.  

“N##### talkin s### happy new year go pay your rent b####,” he wrote. He followed up with another tweet a few hours later adding, “I can’t wait to go to New York 🐰🍎.”  

Akademiks was quick to chime in and reposted the rapper’s Instagram Stories where Freddie called out the many “NY rappers on my dick right now.” “FEDERICK Gibbs gets beat up by one New York rapper and dissed by another,” he wrote. ”Now he calling out the whole New York,” he said before asking “where the same trolling energy for Jim jones n Uncle Murda N####…” 

Gibbs was at this time unphased, taking advantage of the old adage, “all publicity is good publicity.” His response to Ak’s post – “Keep posting me it’s all promo b####.”  

Akademiks Continues His Taunts

The back and forth continued as Ak responded to Gibbs’s earlier tweets, taunting him about the alleged Jim Jones beating and calling him a broke laughing stock. “U started wit me u irrelevant trash broke ass p############,” said Akademiks. “I just exposed u the entire year til u a punch line now. N##### mention ur name to laugh at u. I’ll take credit for that.”  

 Again, Freddie Gibbs appeared unbothered by Ak’s jabs and responded with a denial, “Ain’t nobody do s### to me.” 

However, it appears that a different story was playing out behind the scenes as it was some time after this that Gibbs leaked Akademiks number.  

Perhaps the pair will resume talks to turn the online drama into a charity boxing match.