Anthony Joshua Spits A Freestyle To Confirm Tyson Fury Fight 

Tyson Fury issued Anthony Joshua an ultimatum, warning him to hurry up and sign the contract or the deal is off.

Anthony Joshua may be a world-class boxer, but he is known to drop a few bars here and there over the years. 

The former British world heavyweight champ has frequently rapped with the U.K. Hip-Hop greats and even blessed Sway In the Morning with a freestyle a few years back. 

However, after Tyson Fury issued him an ultimatum, Anthony Joshua decided to respond in lyrical form. Fury told Joshua he has until Monday to accept a deal for an all-British heavyweight showdown, or the clash is off.  

Anthony Joshua agreed to sign the contract but said he is in the process of going through the terms with his legal team. Check out his bars below.  

Anthony Joshua Addresses Tyson Fury Fight With A Freestyle

He also followed up with a further message, explaining the need for proper negotiations.  

“It’s not in my hands, it’s with the legal team,” he said during an Instagram Live session. “That’s why you hire lawyers. You know the history of boxing, make sure you get your legal terms right.  

“Of course, I’m going to sign a contract. It’s just with some lawyers at the minute,” he added.  

Nonetheless, Tyson Fury said things need to get moving if a fight is to be fixed by December. “I was optimistic about three weeks ago,” Fury admitted, as per Sky News. “But it shouldn’t be taking this long to sign a contract,” Fury said.  

He claimed Anthony Joshua is “lucky that I’m giving him a world title shot,” and would have to wait “a long time” otherwise.  

“I don’t mind chucking him a bone. But I don’t want him to start dictating [stuff] to me. He is an invited guest at my party. My rules. So if you want to play the game, come to the banquet and take your seat. If not, go to your own banquet.”