Ari Lennox Tells Maury Povich “F*ck You” Over A Tweet About A Black Man’s Nose

The ‘Shea Butter Baby’ creator was not feeling a quip posted by the long-running talk show.

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(AllHipHop News) The official Twitter page for Maury Povich’s The Maury Show is known to jump into online conversations with jokes about parenting and lying. The syndicated program built its brand by offering guests DNA tests and lie detectors for the public’s enjoyment.

Music producer/executive Dwayne “D-Teck” Grant posted a photo of a Black man and a child with large noses on Twitter. The caption read, “No DNA test needed in this case right? @TheMauryShow.”

D-Teck got a response from Maury. In a quote-tweet, the account wrote, “He nose he’s the father.” That particular tweet caught the attention of R&B singer Ari Lennox.

The Dreamville Records representative posted, “And f*ck you Maury.” In the past, Lennox has been very outspoken about how facial features associated with people of African descent, such as wide noses, is mocked in the media.

All of the tweets by Maury and Lennox have been deleted. However, D-Teck later posted several tweets addressing the backlash to his jokes about the man and child’s noses.

He tweeted:

People are so sensitive, if it was an italian and a baby with same big ass nose I posted no one would be saying anything y’all would be cutting up laughing at Maury giving the same response, y’all need to stop being hypocrites laugh a lil and enjoy life. We all Nose that’s not the problem here, be proud of your features distance or not, me and Shaq wear almost the same size in shoes and my head big as f*ck a size 8 fitted barely made it, crack yo jokes im open to it lol people always try to make everything about race. If us colored people unite and started respecting each other, loving each other and stop killing each other, half of our disadvantages in society would be alleviated. We can accomplish the great things United and fight the odds against us together.