Arrest Warrant Issued For DMX


An arrest warrant has been issued for DMX after a missed court date on Monday.

DMX may be staring at more jail time, thinking that his day in court was Tuesday. The website Bossip reports that the warrant was issued and the judge was livid.

The judge was reportedly angry at DMX, because the Yonkers MC had previously given his word that he would make it. “It’s going to be really hard to perform at the Westchester County Jail. [DMX] sat here at the table and said, ‘If you let me go, I’m coming back.’ Well, he ain’t here. It’ll be interesting to see if TSA picks him up on a warrant,'” the judge.

The rapper was in Las Vegas at this “DMXmas” concert over the weekend, likely trying to make money to pay his ex in back support.

The judge was apologetic to the rapper’s ex-wife Tashera Simmons.

“Ms. Simmons, I am sorry for the inadequacies of the court system to get you any relief today,” he said.

DMX’s support payments have landed him in and out of jail this year. He was out in October and back in by November.