Ashanti Refuses To Speak On Irv Gotti, But Twitter Is Talking Loud And Clear

Irv Gotti and Ashanti

The consensus online is that the producer is a weirdo due to his recent Commons regarding his former artist Ashanti.

Music Executive Irv Gotti has been trending for two days after the latest episode of is Murder Inc. docuseries dropped and he went in again on his former artist and alleged lover, Ashanti.

The third installment of BET’s “The Murder Inc. Story” premiered on Tuesday, August 23rd During this part of the story, the producer turned music executive shared with views on how he and the singer started their supposed romance over two decades ago.

He clarified it all happened after he and his legal wife were split.

“I’m separated from [my wife] Deb. I’m on my own. And Ashanti’s coming to the studio every day and our friendship and bond is naturally growing,” Irv explains. 

“She used to wear these Juicy sweats and her ass was looking fat. Her ass was looking great,” he recalls. “So, one day I was like, ‘Yo, I’ll take you home.’ She said, ‘Bet, cool.’ We are walking to her front door of her crib. She turns and says goodbye and I just kiss her and grab her ass and just mwah. It was like, what took you so long?”

Twitter went bonkers.

One person said, “I’d like to be removed from the Irv Gotti group chat.”

A lawyer hoped into the conversation and said, “Ashanti’s attorneys need to send Irv Gotti a cease and desist letter like yesterday. #thisisnotlegaladvice.”

“Irv Gotti is 52 still talking about a relationship that happened almost 20 years ago while he was married. Please never let me become this type of loser.”

“Irv Gotti is a butt hurt chatty patty who is still in love with a woman who refused to acknowledge what they had. I want him to give it a rest.”

Ashanti still has not commented on the series or Gotti’s comments. Its ok … seems like the rest of the world is.