Author Adisa Banjoko Removes Afrika Bambaataa References From Hip-Hop Chess Book


(AllHipHop News) Despite earnest attempts by the remaining members of the Universal Zulu Nation, The fallout of sexual molestation charges against founder Afrika Bambaataa continue to impact the organization.

Afrika Bambaataa was booted from The Zulu Nation in May, after a man named Ronald Savage claimed he was molested by the Hip-Hop pioneer when he was 14-years-old.

A number of other men also came forward with similar accusations, causing the Zulu Nation to remove Bambaataa and the top leadership for the way they handled the crisis.

Adisa Banjoko, a well known Hip-Hop activist/educator/author from San Francisco, has decided to pull the image of Afrika Bambaataa from his book “Bobby, Bruce & Bam: The Secrets of Hip-Hop Chess,” in addition to renaming the title.

Going forward, the book will be titled “Bobby Bruce & The Bronx: The Secrets of Hip-Hop Chess.”

Adisa Banjoko, who is also the founder of The Hip-Hop Chess Federation, blasted, the Zulu Nation for their reply to the situation with Ronald Savage and the other men.

Banjoko was also one of the earliest founders of the Zulu Nation chapter in San Francisco, as well as one of the first people to resign from the organization amidst the fallout from the scandal.

“While not being charged formerly by the police, the avalanche sexual abuse allegations against Afrika Bambaataa and the poor leadership of the inner circle inside his organization, Universal Zulu Nation (UZN) made my decision easy” stated Adisa Banjoko. “Hip-Hop is an art for the youth, by the youth. If they are not safe, then Hip-Hop itself has been threatened. I will defend the youth above any alliances with any adults who might act to the contrary. My new title is meant to celebrate the power of the youth in The Bronx.”

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Adisa Banjoko said the process of changing the book to erase the traces of Afrika Bambaataa was not an easy task, but it was still one that he knew he had to do.

“It was a nightmare for me as an independent author and fan of his previous work to change everything,” Adisa Banjoko said. “Nevertheless, it could never compare to the pain of his accusers.”

“Bobby Bruce & The Bronx: The Secrets of Hip-Hop Chess” written by Adisa Banjoko, aka The Bishop, is for sale at right now.