Baton Rouge Cop Killer Was A Sergeant In Marines; Rapper Lil Boosie Discusses Latest Bloodshed


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(AllHipHop News) Rapper and former Baton Rouge resident Lil Boosie weighed in on the latest bloodshed in his hometown.

In his mind, Lil Boosie sees nothing but more violence down the road, unless there are more convictions of police who shoot and kill African-Americans.

“It’s a lot of anger down there, a lot of people are angry down there. Everybody I’m talking to when I call home they mad,” Lil Boosie told “It’s just a bad position for a lot of people right now. It’s a bad position for the way we feeling down there, It’s a bad position for the police, it’s just all out craziness out there.”

Lil Boosie believes the wave of violence across the United States will only increase – especially if the officers in the latest incidents in Louisiana and Minnesota are not brought to justice.

On July 5, a bystander videotaped a Baton Rouge police officer shoot and kill 37-year-old Alton Sterling in front of a local convenience store.

Less than 24 hours later, the aftermath of Philando Castile’s murder at the hands of Minnesota police was broadcast on Facebook live and instantly went viral.

Protests ensued around the country in the following days in cities around the country including Dallas, where five police officers were killed and another seven were wounded during a Black Lives Matter protest.

Boosie sees no end to the violence in sight, until police officers are held accountable for their actions against the African-American citizens of this country.

“I don’t think it’s going to stop until they start convicting of officers of doing what they do,” Lil Boosie continued. “if they don’t start convicting these officers of what they doing is just going to keep escalating and if that guy don’t get indicted and sent to prison for life, it’s going to be another war it’s going to be another shooting is going to keep on going on because of people feel like they’re not protected by the police and the police are trying to kill him, man it’s going to get worse.”

Lil Boosie is more than familiar with the justice system in Baton Rouge.

He was arrested while he was a resident of the city multiple times on a variety of charges, from marijuana possession to murder.

Boosie eventually beat the murder charge, but he spent four years in Angola Prison on drug and probation violation charges.

Since his acquittal and subsequent release from prison, Lil Boosie has left Louisiana and has vowed to never return to the city to live, due his fame and the potential to be harassed and even framed by police officers in the state.

Lil Boosie is urging everyone across the country to “calm down and find a better way.”

Lil Boosie comments come on the heels of the deaths of three police officers, who were ambushed earlier today near the Baton Rouge police headquarters.

One suspected gunman, an African-American named Gavin Eugene Long of Kansas City, was shot and killed in a gun battle with cops.

Long was a former Sergeant in the Marines. He went on the deadly shooting spree on his 29th birthday.

“Our hearts go out to the families that are grieving, our hearts go out to the officer who is still fighting for his life. We don’t need inflammatory rhetoric, we need to temper our words and open our hearts.”

So far Montrell Jackson and Matthew Gerald have been identified, while a third officer’s identity has to be be confirmed.