Battle Rapper Goes Viral Because He Hates His Black Skin

A rapper named Georgio Casper may have to hang up the mic over some tasteless bars.

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(AllHipHop News) When you are trying to come up in the battle rap industry, you might rely on your lyrical prowess.

Some people believe that having a cool image, bringing swag to the table, or linking with the right rap crew.

Few take the Arsonal da Rebel route and choose to do the disrespectful route. Problem is …

If you don’t know who you are and really how to finesse, you are gonna say something that will make you look like a fool.

In this case, a self-loathing-p##########-unoriginal perp trying to come up by talking about another Black man’s child in a way that indicative of how either how wack you are or how desperate you are.


His name is Georgio Casper and get a good glimpse of his name because he will probably never be covered here again. #LeaguesTakeNote

What Casper (and there is something deep about that), a dark-skinned- Black man with locs, does is puts on front street colorism and sexism at its best.

Let’s be clear, as a culture, men are sexist in the many things that they say.

But there is a limit or special level of ignorance jacked in this particular battle that has made more than a few people stop and say, “Nah Bruh.”

In the battle, homie talks about his girl and his child are both light-skinned and prettier than his opponent’s girlfriend and child.

Like so many others, he equates their complexion with their right to have a better quality of life and implies that they should not be exploited.

That’s that bulls##t.

There really is no win for him and social media dragged him. And even a vet in the culture gave him the smackdown.