Benny the Butcher Feeds Frontline Workers 500 Italian Sub Sandwiches

Benny the Butcher

Community celebrates the hometown heroes efforts to give back.

Griselda rapper Benny the Butcher just dropped a new album, Tana Talk 4. The Buffalo native took the opportunity to perform a huge giveback for his community while all eyes are on the release.

According to WKBW, the chart-topper could have quickly just done a regular promo tour but opted to give 500 free subs to frontline workers.

Marco’s Italian Deli, owned by Marco Sciortino, provided the sandwichs — showing the artist also believes in supporting local businesses.

In a statement, Benny the Butcher said that he loves the community and continues to support them because they have supported him throughout his career.

“I just wanted to say thank you, and I’m going to support them the same way they support me,” the “Johnny P’s Caddy” rapper said. “All the kids stay in school. I know it sounds cliche but stay in school and do something. Be better than me Benny the Butcher you know what I’m saying? I appreciate it.”

The people felt his sincerity, especially Branton Morgan, a frontline worker that appreciated his small gesture. Sciortino also commented.

The small businessman said, “I think Benny is doing a great job in giving back to the community and his entire fanbase of Western New York by giving them free sandwiches and free lunch. I think it’s amazing.”

Linoshka Mercado, who works as a manager for the deli says, “I love the fact that he’s giving back to the community because me personally I like to give subs away, usually to homeless people. I would make extra subs just to give out to homeless people, so it’s really a good thing on what he’s doing right now.”