Benny the Butcher Wants Jay-Z Verse & Roc-A-Fella Chain, Already Has 2 Drake Songs

Benny the Butcher wants a Jay-Z feature to add to his collection, “I need me a Hov verse and I need me that Roc-a-Fella chain.”

Benny The Butcher is promoting his new album but already has his sights set on future collaborations, and he’s aiming for the stars.  

He stopped by Hot97’s “The Breakfast Club,” on his “Tana Talk 4” rollout and revealed he already has two songs with Drake and now he wants a Jay-Z verse, and a Roc-a-Fella chain! 

“I definitely sent him some s###,” said Benny. “Like, ‘Yo, what you think about this? This some new s###, yo.'” When Charlamagne Tha God asked if Jay has “got on anything yet,” Benny said he’s still waiting.  

“No he hasn’t. He hasn’t. He hasn’t got on nothin’ yet,” he said. “Hov not thinking about rap, I’mma be honest with you. And when he do, it’s like a ‘eureka!’ moment. He’s just thinkin’ about it in that moment, it’s not like he had his brain on it, but I’m dying to get—that’s like one of my—my s### is…I need me a Hov verse and I need me that Roc-a-Fella chain.”  

“I Need My S###!”

However, Benny is determined to do what it takes to get that ice. “I’m auditioning for that Roc-a-Fella chain,” Benny insisted. “I need my s###.” Although he did admit it is inappropriate to ask, he’s an “eastside Buffalo n*gga.” Benny said playfully, “I’m throwin’ hints!” 

Benny The Butcher X Drake

The “Plugs I Met” rapper also brought up his record with Drake. The song was discussed online for some time, but Benny revealed he actually has two songs featuring the 6 God.  

“I’m not holding on to it.,” Benny replied. “You know how this s### goes. There’s so much yellow tape to put these records out.” he added, “If it was up to me that s### would be out.” 

However, he said he’s happy to wait for the right time and admitted his pride in working with the Toronto rapper. “I’m a east side Buffalo n####,” he said. “Just the fact that a guy like that up there wanna tap in with me. The respect of my peers is really why I’m in this s###. That’s a really big trophy.”  

Charlamagne told the Griselda rapper he heard the track and revealed, “Drake talking filthy on that record.” He also hinted at the type of bag Drake gets into on the song. “It’s not a Drake record featuring Benny,” he said. “It’s a Benny record featuring Drake.  

Benny also mentioned Drake’s Griselda shout-out in his 2019 Rap Radar interview and explained that’s how the collaboration began. He said they have two unreleased songs. 

Benny got in touch with Drake after the interview. “He was like yeah let’s do something, and he sent me a song, sent me a couple joints actually.”   

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The Buffalo native leaked a snippet of one of his tracks with Drake during his set at The Summer Smash Festival in August 2019.