Black Jesus Talks Snatching The Microphone From Slim Jesus During Concert (AUDIO)


(AllHipHop News) Slim Jesus recently suffered an embarrassing moment when he had his microphone ripped from his hands while he was performing in Canada. A local industry insider by the name of Black Jesus was the person that bum rushed the stage, and he has since done an interview with VladTV to talk about the situation.

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“First off, I hate Drill. I hate wack Trap music. There’s good Trap music out there, and I think the fact that Drill has become its own genre is just a sad state of affairs for Hip Hop,” said Black Jesus. “When I watched [Slim’s “Drill Time”] video and I saw how quickly it blew up, it was interesting to me how simple it was. Just to get some white kids to rap Drill, have some fake guns – it cost him nothing to do. I wanted to capitalize on that by applying the same formula.”

The social media/digital marketing specialist discussed having to serve as the DJ for Slim’s set at the club the night of the incident, because the Indiana rapper did not have his own person to play his tracks. Apparently, Black Jesus had already planned to pull off his on-stage protest and being behind the DJ booth gave him an even better opportunity to pull it off. Afterwards, he just walked out of the venue without any problem.

“If you read the comments on his videos or articles about him, there are thousands of people saying, ‘I would smack this dude up. I might f*cking kill him.’ But how many of these people would actually do that in real life?” asked Black. “I met him in real life, and I wasn’t going to do any of that. I’m not out here trying to catch charges for beating up kids.”

He continued, “I stood up for Hip Hop. I stood up for Ottawa. I stood up for Canada. I did a symbolic gesture by snatching the mic out of his hands.”

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Listen to Black Jesus’ interview below.