Bling Bishop Lamor Whitehead Sued Again For Fraud

Bishop Lamor Whitehead

More legal drama for the self-proclaimed Hip-Hop preacher.

Blinged-out Brooklyn pastor, who made headlines in 2022 when he got robbed during Sunday service, is back in federal court.

This time he is being sued for deed theft, a charge not very different than his December 2022 indictment that alleged he stole money from one of his older congregation members, falsified documents regarding his New Jersey mansion, and tried to extort a businessman out of about a half million dollars, as reported by

The DOJ also accuses Whitehead falsified bank records to help him get money to pay for his New Jersey mansion, far away from the storefront church he pastors in Brooklyn.

In the current complaint, filed on Friday, April 28 in a Brooklyn Supreme Court, he is accused of Whitehead falsified documents that said he was the owner of a church building whose congregation he evicted earlier in the year.

According to Michael Moses, the man suing him, Whitehead created fake papers that said he owned the property and then it was filed in the Office of the City Register of the City of New York.

“On or about April 25, 2023, a deed dated April 19, 2023, was recorded in the Office of the City Register of the City of New York (hereinafter, “the fraudulent deed“),” reads the lawsuit obtained by

“The deed purports to convey the property from 5904 Foster Avenue Trust Lamor Whitehead Trustee to Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries Inc. 12. The fraudulent deed falsely states that the grantor is 5904 Foster Avenue Trust Lamor Whitehead as Trustee,” it continued.

Adding, “The fraudulent deed was fraudulently executed by Defendant Whitehead as Trustee of the 5904 Foster Avenue Trust.”

Now, Moses wants the courts to award him $3.5 million in damages from Whitehead and his church. He also wants to be declared the rightful owner and trustee and have the city void Whitehead’s deed.

Lastly, Moses is requesting the court award him any costs, expenses, disbursements, attorneys’ fees, and interest connected to the lawsuit— and any other relief it deems appropriate.

Whitehead says the lawsuit is baseless.

“That’s a frivolous lawsuit. That’s it,” he said in a statement on the claim to The City.

This lawsuit comes a week after the church that he evicted from this space sued the Hip-Hop preacher for $5 million in damages after he through their belongings out.

After the Man of God unexpectedly kicked the congregation out, he threw their stuff in the garbage. The church sued to get back in the building and a judge sided with them. They could not go back in immediately after the ruling because Whitehead had destroyed their sacred space. They’ve been in since April but want him to pay for messing up the spot, according to