Blueface Gets Into Wild Fight With Pooper Scooper Wielding Baby’s Mom

Blueface is known as a ladies man, but he has been having some problems with his harem lately.

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(AllHipHop News) Baby mama drama can get pretty scary.

California rapper Blueface got into it with his jawn and put it on social media, where fear and funny starts to get blurred.

In a clip that is being circulated on Instagram, the “Thotianna” rapper is safe and sound presumably in his home. A long haired-woman that is captioned as his baby mama is clearly locked out.

While there is no explanation as to what is going on, what is obvious is that she is p##### and he is straight clowning her.

There are three sliding videos. The first one he seems to be sitting across from his kitchen and giggling a little as she strikes his glass door three times with a pooper scooper.

In the next video, he says, “Baby mama drama, on crip.”

Again, he is mocking and taunting that lady as she, with her over exaggerated fake-eyelashes, takes the pooper scooper and goes to bash his car.

The brunette is set to shut her rapping boyfriend up. She takes a pooper scooper and tries to bash his windows in to no avail.

The windows might as well be Teflon and will not crack up. You know who is cracking up?

Blueface is. He ends the trilogy of videos by letting viewers know, “Damn I got some good d##k on crip … now she running.”

And just in case you are wondering about the baby?

Blueface posted on his Instagram a fake gunfight with his child. He unmercifully blasts him and then laughs as the toddler lays on the floor playing dead.

No. He really does lay on the floor playing dead. We just can’t make any of this up. Check out the clip below.