Bow Wow Responds To Reports He’s Beefing With Jermaine Dupri

The veteran entertainer does downplay his chemistry with JD.

Shad “Bow Wow” Moss had a lot to say on Twitter over the last 24 hours. An extended conversation about the quality of Bow Wow’s album catalog morphed into a discussion about his working relationship with Jermaine Dupri.

Many Hip Hop followers cite Jermaine Dupri as one of the most influential figures in Bow Wow’s three-decade career. A teenage Bow Wow released his debut album, 2000’s Beware of Dog, via Dupri’s So So Def Recordings.

Yesterday, Bow Wow told his Twitter followers that he believes Beware of Dog and all of his other projects are “mid.” Moss also stated he wished he had signed with his original music mentor, Snoop Dogg, instead of So So Def.

Some of Bow Wow’s fans then started pointing out Jermaine Dupri’s role in the 35-year-old actor/rapper’s success. Bow responded by downplaying his current artistic connection with the 49-year-old record executive/recording artist.

Are Bow Wow & Jermaine Dupri No Longer Working Together?

“Me and JD have no work chemistry. I ain’t work with that boy in years. He do him and I do me,” tweeted Bow Wow in response to a Twitter user who suggested So So Def was “perfect” for the performer once known as Lil Bow Wow.

Moss later added, “Snoop is the best thing that [happened] to me. If it [wasn’t] for him, none of yall would know me. That’s the only big homie I got. He gave me a chance. Everyone else was just add ons to what we had started.”

However, Bow Wow made sure to make it clear he does not have any animosity towards Jermaine Dupri. Bow posted, “JD cool. We just don’t work together that’s all. Me and JD ain’t worked together in like 10 years. I gotta work with the man to be cool?”

On Thursday morning, the Like Mike star reiterated there is no bad blood between himself and Dupri. Bow Wow wrote, “People [are] thinking me and JD beefing. [We’re] not. I’m just giving y’all the real. We haven’t worked together in 10 yrs. And… If u really a fan yall know our relationship is not the most perfect one.”