Cardi B Accused Of Stonewalling Lawsuit Filed By Beaten “Fan”

Cardi B

Cardi B is allegedly stonewalling lawyers in a lawsuit claiming her security gave him a beatdown.

There is a code that Cardi lives by and no matter how much bread she gets, she is sticking to it.

Reports have recently surfaced claiming that the GRAMMY award-winner is not cooperating with authorities regarding a “fight” between her bodyguards and a fan who wanted her autograph.

The case has been lingering since 2018 when the fan (whose name is Giovanni Arnold) decided to sue the rapper and her husband because their security detail went ham on him after he asked for an autograph.

Arnold claims that the couple actually deliberately set him up. He alleged that 3 bodyguards attacked him so violently he had to be hospitalized with injuries to his face, neck, back, and body.

Finally, lawyers in the case have called Cardi to talk about the event. And she won’t.

Arnold now wants the courts to make her talk. Because she won’t talk or turn over essential documents, the case is dragging on.

Both Cardi and Offset believe that the fan is just trying to get paid and this is part of why neither is being cooperative.

His lawyer said Offset, “had no physical contact with Plaintiff and did not intend to put Plaintiff in fear of physical harm. Mr. Cephus also did not order or instruct anyone to attack Plaintiff or authorize any such attack. In fact, Mr. Cephus did not even witness the alleged attack.”

The story is developing.