Cardi B Accuses Twitter Troll Of Grooming Teenagers For Sex

The Grammy winner was involved in an early morning exchange with a stan account.

It was an extremely eventful Thursday morning for Hip Hop superstar Belcalis “Cardi B” Almánzar. Starting around 4 am ET, Cardi B got into a heated back-and-forth with a social media user she accused of repeatedly harassing her online.

Apparently, Cardi B is planning to seek formal action against the person running the @trey_forde Twitter account. This morning’s digital argument started because the “Up” hitmaker claimed she accidentally liked @trey_forde’s pro-Ariana Grande tweet that dissed Taylor Swift.

“I was gathering harassment tweets to report to the Twitter team tomorrow, sorry guys it was a lil finger slip,” wrote Cardi B about her supposedly pushing the heart icon by accident.

Cardi B added, “I already gathered about 52 tweets [with] my name, including almost [every day] he quotes my tweets, that fake IG he made of my dad using my father FB pictures, and also the pic he posted of his small 🍤 on Twitter while having minors follow him. Early morning call [with Twitter].”

The Invasion of Privacy album creator did not stop there. Cardi also tweeted, “Talkin about ‘really need one of y’all here in this bed wit me.’ 🤢INCEL! A nerd in real life so [he has] to get on Twitter to lure stan accounts that are mostly teens to sleep [with] him [with] that pre-cooked bag shrimp.”

After another Twitter user backed up Cardi B’s accusation that @trey_forde attempted to sexually groom teenagers, Cardi tweeted, “Exactly! It’s [disgusting]. This [is] why parents need to monitor their kids. You will think that Stan Twitter accounts [are] innocent fun, people arguing, and loving their favs but some [are] out here using it as a disguise for their perverted use.”

Later Cardi B repeated her statement about reporting the @trey_forde account. Around 6:25 am, she tweeted, “Oooo honey, I’ll be deleting this in about 2 minutes before people wake up and I will be on the call in the afternoon. I just wanted people [to] see the pervert they be hyping on this app.”

Twenty-five minutes later, Cardi B returned to Twitter to add, “Wow, I’m getting some really disturbing [direct messages] this man be sending to boys on this app… Until I can verify that [they’re] real I won’t post, but WOW. I ain’t thought it was gonna get this crazy… Y’all [need to] be careful of these weirdos on the internet.”

In response, @trey_forde claimed his second 18+ account (@honest_priv) that features sexually explicit content is set to private. As of press time, the @trey_forde is no longer active. It was seemingly changed to @honest_papi.