Cardi B Cracks Jokes While Trapped In Elevator: “Rip Me Out The Elevator I Been Acting Brand New”  

Cardi B

Cardi B remained calm and live-streamed her troubles after getting trapped in an elevator with her crew Sunday night.

Cardi B found herself in a sticky predicament on Sunday evening (Jun. 4) after lighting up the stage at Summer Jam. 

The NYC icon was with her team in an elevator when the lift suddenly stopped with them all stuck inside. The small elevator left Cardi and her crew in a tight squeeze with barely any space left in the compact space. However, Cardi B did not panic and made light of the situation, taking to Instagram Live to share her plight with her 165 million followers. 

“We’re really f###### stuck in an elevator. You can’t even make this s### up!” she added before repeating their dilemma. Nonetheless, Cardi B remained calm telling her team, “Okay, I’m not even gonna f###### panic.” 

The Grammy Award winner reminded herself to breathe after revealing they had been stuck for about ten minutes.  

“We’ve been in here for ten minutes. Stuck in a f###### elevator. Let me breathe,” she added. “I’m getting a little excited.” 

A few minutes later and Cardi B was still seeing the funny side of the situation.” You know what I should have done today? I should have went home, but a b#### wanted to be outside.” She joked that she was altering between “scared” and “sleepy,” before flipping the memorable line from “Put It On Da Floor Again,” her new single with Latto. 

“Rip me out the elevator I been acting brand new,” Cardi B quipped.  

Thankfully the group were quickly freed, and after around 15 minutes Cardi B and crew emerged to a sea of paparazzi. 

Hours before getting stuck in the elevator, Cardi B headlined Summer Jam, bringing out Latto and GloRilla to perform with her.