Cardi B Explains Why Getting With Girls Isn’t Cheating, Blasts Presidential Hopeful Hillary Clinton


(AllHipHop News) With a mixtape flying off the proverbial internet shelves, Love & Hip-Hop headline maker and head turner Cardi B recently spoke with The Breakfast Club about her love life, politics and stepping into the lime-light.

As she chopped it up with Charlamagne, Envy and Angela in a scattered interview, Ms Cardi B explained how her man doesn’t consider her being with a woman as cheating while he is in jail.

For the gossip heads out there, she also explained how she doesn’t plan to get married when her man comes home from jail, but will remain loyal to him despite their issues with his infidelity in the past.

“Like he said yea, it is what it is, and I know that he (Tommy) don’t call her anymore. I know he don’t because they would have posted it right up,” Cardi B explained of Tommy (pictured below).

Tommy (Cardi B)

When Cardi explained that she is romantically involved with another female she said,  “With a female. He don’t consider that cheating, he like ‘send me pictures.'”

But while they will be together when he gets out, its seems like the buck stops there -literally. Cardi doesn’t seem like she wants to get married based on what she says below about prenuptials.

“You know what I realized about getting married. To me it seems like marriage is just a piece of paper. If I want to get divorced, $1000 dollars, divorce byeeee.  I didn’t realize that when we get a divorce he gets half,” Cardi joked. “Marriage shouldn’t be about business and worried about money, I thought it was about love… There’s so many agreements to it, damn I rather just have a baby and that signifies love.

As a balancing act, Cardi B  also showed a more intellectual side of things and took the time to give a slight endorsement for Bernie Sanders, while saying that Hillary doesn’t care about minorities a al Kanye West’s “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people” statement.

“I do want to vote for Bernie, however but there are certain things that you just can’t stop that, its unbelieveable. Like for example he wants to stop racism. It’s like that’s not going to happen! There’s certain things you just can’t do. What are you going to do? Go burn a bunch of Confederate flags in Virginia Beach and got damn Mississippi?” Cardi B said as she endorsed Bernie Sanders. “You can’t change racism, like it is what it is.  I be seeing Trump’s sh*t and it’s ridiculous. Aight then yall go vote for Trump, ya’ll so thirsty to get the economy fixed like when the Germans were when their got money was depreciating that you don’t think about the little things. Like you don’t think Isis is gonna feel a certain type of way and go blow some sh*t up?”

“I do like Hillary just because she a woman and I feel like she’s a strong woman,  however I do feel like she’s a little fake. Like you gotta hit the dab to get a few votes?” she added. “Like girl shut up you don’t care about the Blacks, you don’t care about the minorities.”