Cardi B Flaunts Massive Back Tattoo!

After multiple sessions, Cardi B finally shows off her new > tattoo while in quarantine.

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(AllHipHop News) We all know Cardi got back. And now she has a massive back tattoo as well?

Freshly inked, Cardi shared a new Instagram video that shows off her new tattoo inked by Jamie Schene.

“Okay guys! So here it is!”

The skin art took months to complete in “more than 10 cities,” hinting at the fact that Schene was traveling with Cardi while she was on the road to work on the masterpiece.

The total number of hours it took? 60 hours.

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Mostly comprised of flowers, the tattoo also features butterflies and a hummingbird, brightly showcased by the vibrant colors used by Schene. As described by Cardi, the tattoo spans nearly her entire back and down to the middle of her thigh.

“It was an awesome project and a crazy experience. Thanks for the dedication, strength, and hospitality. Lara and I appreciate you and your family,” Schene wrote to Cardi.

Cardi’s fans weren’t short on the commentary and reactions either, especially considering she had been teasing them with snaps and videos since Day 01.

“Cardi talking about 2 more tattoo sessions on IG. But where are the studio sessions?,” one Twitter user wrote before the reveal.