Cardi B Posts Cryptic Tweet After Tasha K Says She “Ain’t Got” $4 Millon Judgement

Cardi B vs Tasha K

Cardi B is coming “for everything,” as Tasha K revealed she is appealing the nearly $4 million judgment because she doesn’t have the cash.

Cardi B won her landmark defamation case against Tasha K last month and was awarded almost $4 million in damages. The rapper may have to wait a while for her money because Tasha K said, “I ain’t got it.”  

Cardi B sued Tasha K in 2019 after the vlogger made various false allegations against her, including that she was a prostitute who had herpes and abused drugs. The court found Tasha K liable for defamation, invasion of privacy, and intentional infliction of emotional distress on January 24. 

During a recent interview, the YouTuber was asked about paying the $3.8 million she was ordered to hand over to Cardi B.  

“I ain’t got it,” said Tasha K as the hosts began laughing. “Listen, I ain’t got it. Don’t ask me for no money. I ain’t got it. But listen, we have business things in place that takes care of things like this.” 

She added, “the appellate court and the supreme court is in process right now,” confirming she is currently appealing the court’s decision. As for that YouTube money she’s collecting, “It’s good,” she said, “but I got two chirren.” 

Cardi B Says “BBHMM”

Meanwhile, shortly after clips of Tasha’s Ks interview emerged online, Cardi B took to Twitter with a cryptic message. “Think is a game but trust imma come for everything …..BBHMM.”

Although she did not spell out what she was abbreviating, many were quick to offer a translation. “Period sis,” was one reply. The tweet came with a gif of Rihanna’s “B#### Better Have My Money,” or “BBHMM,” as the acronym goes.  

Earlier on Monday, Cardi B let it be known that she’s making that shmoney! During a Twitter spat, she revealed she makes a cool $1 million per show and even more outside the country.  

“Over a M wit 1 album BIG SUPERSTAR are you dumb?” she wrote. “Waiting on my agent got like 3 overseas one for 2Ms.” 

However, according to Cardi B, was merely informing fans of her performance fees. “If anybody lost this was about lil twitter debate lol,” she wrote in the comments of The Shade Room’s post. 

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