Cardi B Responds To Backlash After Complaining About “Ridiculous” Grocery Prices 

Cardi B

Cardi B defended her right to use her platform to raise awareness about issues affecting people in every income bracket.

Cardi B responded to the criticism she received for voicing her concerns about the rising cost of living, after she commented on the “ridiculous” price of groceries. 

On Tuesday evening (Jan. 3), the “Tomorrow 2” hitmaker took to Twitter to share her frustration over food costs. 

“Naaaaaa grocery shopping prices are ridiculous right now,” Cardi B penned. “You might as well eat outside !!” She also complained about paying $6 for lettuce, but some fans criticized her, suggesting she can more than afford it. 

However, a day later, Cardi B defended herself, explaining why she uses her voice and platform to talk about issues concerning the economy.  

She posted a video titled “PSA,” responding to those who ask, “Ain’t you rich? Why you complaining about lettuce?” 

According to Cardi, “That just goes to show me when you become successful, when you have money, you’re going to go broke soon because you’re not budgeting.”  

She went on to explain that she keeps track of her spending and receives a weekly summary of her household expenses. Cardi stated that the prices of some items tripled, causing her to wonder how lower-income families are surviving.  

“So yes, I’m going to say something,” she continued. “And I have a big platform. So I do want anybody that’s responsible for these f###### prices to put that s### the f### down. They gone see my s### they might put it down.” Check out her comments in the video below.  

The NYC native also explained that she uses her platform to bring “awareness” in the hopes of making a difference. 

Cardi B Says She Has Always Used her Platform To Raise Awareness

Cardi B shared a similar sentiment during her interview with David Letterman on the Netflix series My Next Guest Needs No Introduction.  

“I don’t really put a lot of political things in my music, but I used the f### out of my platform,” she stated. “And I have used my platform even when I was a dancer. Because you might think that people are not looking, but they are.”  

Cardi continued, “I mean, I’m a hood chick, and I’m from the Bronx. A lot of people relate to me and follow me because they want to see how I’m dressed, they want to see my lifestyle. I feel like I have a responsibility to also share to them like, ‘Hey, while you here and you’re checking my outfit and checking my music, check out what’s going on over here in this part of the world.’”