Cardi B’s Steamy Message To Lizzo Lights Up Social Media On Christmas Eve

Lizzo and Cardi B

Cardi B sent Lizzo a message after the rapper/ singer posted a series of provocative images on Christmas Eve. Check it out.

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Lizzo took to Twitter on Christmas Eve to share a series of photos of herself dressed up as a candy cane, complete with a red and white striped bodysuit with white boots.

The photos, which also showed Lizzo wearing a thong, quickly went viral along with her XXX-mas message: “CMON AND SLIDE DOWN MY CHIMNEY.”

Rapper Cardi B sent a flirty reply to singer Lizzo on social media after seeing the racy photos.

The message, which read “I want to lick you,” was in response to the series of racy photos that Lizzo had posted online.

Fans of the two artists were quick to react to the exchange, with many expressing their approval and admiration for the playful banter between the two celebrities.

“Very lgbt,” one user wrote, while another said “I thought CardiB is married?”

Some even speculated that the message could be the start of a new romance, as the two have previously shown support for each other on social media.

While it’s unclear at this time if the message was meant to be taken seriously or was simply a bit of fun between friends, it’s clear that Cardi B and Lizzo have a close and playful relationship.

Regardless of the true intentions behind the message, fans of both artists are sure entertained by the exchange.