Cardi B Worries Fans With Stomachache Tweet

Cardi B’s tweet about her stomach hurting has fans thinking one of two things.

(AllHipHop News) Cardi B has fans worried about one of her most recent tweets.

The Bronx rapper tweeted on Sunday evening about having a stomachache lasting over a day.

She shared, “I have such a uncomfortable stomachache for the past 24 hours.” Paired with a facepalm emoji, she concluded, “I’m so irritated by it .”

Cardi’s fans then went into a frenzy, replying to her tweet, speculating that the rapper may have coronavirus.

The star has been pretty vocal on social media about COVID-19 and her thoughts about the United States’ lack of preparation and handling of the pandemic.

A twitter user named @Lil_Myzz_Shady responded to the tweet with Cardi’s viral coronavirus video.

Some fans even took it further in the replies to her stomachache tweet, thinking she’s pregnant.

A user named @BardiUpdatess tweeted, “Better not be a baby in there…” accompanied by a gif of the rapper herself. Whatever the cause of Cardi’s stomachache, well wishes to the rapper during this scary time.