Carl Crawford Blasts Megan Thee Stallion After Resurfaced Video Of Her Dissing 1501 Entertainment Goes Viral  

Carl Crawford reacted to a viral clip of Megan sticking her middle finger up instead of performing the lyrics “I’m the 1501 queen.”

Carl Crawford has taken to social media once again to call out Megan Thee Stallion months after filing a countersuit against her in their ongoing legal battle

The 1501 Certified Entertainment CEO shared his thoughts on his Instagram stories after an old clip of Meg performing resurfaced online. In it. Megan Thee Stallion raised her middle finger and remained silent instead of rapping the lyrics “I’m the 1501 queen,” dissing her former label.  

Carl Crawford Unleashes On Megan

“See I really be minding my business,” Carl Crawford began before blasting the rapper. “Nah F### U Seahorse!!” he added. 

He then doubled back a short while later to leave another comment. This time Carl Crawford suggested Megan change the name of “Realer,” the song she performed in the clip. 

“Song should be called Faker than Fake,” he declared, suggesting the star is less than authentic.  

Carl Crawford also fired a shot at the Houston native’s manager, T. Farris, whom he blames for the feud between him and Megan. “And F### T. Farris too u b####,” he penned. 

WhenCarl Crawford was accused of having Megan under a terrible contract, he claimed it was all her manager’s fault.  

“This guy [T. Farris] really took advantage of me and her [Megan Thee Stallion],” Crawford explained on The Bootleg Kev Podcast. “People don’t know, that contract had nothing to do with me. This guy T. Farris and her mom did the whole thing. So they do this deal, they bring it to me, they happy with it.” 

Meanwhile, Megan the Stallion and Carl Crawford exchanged shots online earlier this year. The “Savage” hitmaker called out the “greedy men” responsible for her beef with the label after learning Carl Crawford filed a countersuit against her. In turn, Crawford accused her of “playing the victim,” and hiding behind Roc Nation.  

Megan replied, “Carl I don’t wanna be signed to yo pill popping ass!” She also accused him of being a “powder head” and claimed he was the one hiding behind J. Prince.  

The insults continued as Carl Crawford then branded Megan “a bonafide alcoholic” while accusing her of sleeping around.