Chance the Rapper Believes Kanye West Relationship Was Preordained

Chance the Rapper believes his tight relationship with Kanye West was his destiny.

(AllHipHop News) Chance the Rapper believes divine intervention is behind his friendship with Kanye West, stating in a new interview that the duo were “paired together by God”.

The 26-year-old made the claim during a chat with NBC News, during which he reflected on his long-standing relationship with his 42-year-old peer.

“I think iron sharpens iron,” he said. “We’re both imperfect people and I’m able to call him out on things I don’t necessarily agree with. He’s called me out on things he doesn’t agree with.

“I do fully believe, now more than ever, that we were paired together by God and that we’re supposed to be in each other’s corner,” Chance the Rapper said.

In another interview with ABC7, ahead of hosting the 69th annual NBA All-Star Game in his home city of Chicago on Sunday, Chance opened up about his family life.

The “Hot Shower” star shares two daughters with wife Kirsten Corley and still finds it amazing to watch his little girls grow into their own people.

“It’s awesome because when your wife is pregnant you think of the kid as just a baby, but then once they are here it’s like, they’re a person, and on your second child especially, it’s cool they are two separate people,” he smiled.

Chance and Kirsten recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary together, and the musician believes the pair are now the “strongest we’ve ever been.”