Coi Leray Announces Hiatus: “I Feel Like I’m Brain Dead”

Coi Leray

Less than a week after dropping a new music video, Coi Leray told fans she’s going on a hiatus and doesn’t know when she’ll return.

Coi Leray is taking a break.

The Republic Records artist revealed she’s going on a hiatus and doesn’t know when she’ll return. Coi Leray didn’t specify if she’s stepping away from music or social media in a Twitter post addressed to fans on Tuesday (February 15).

“To all my trendsetters, I’m sorry I let you down,” she wrote. “I don’t have it in me to keep pushing. I feel like I’m brain dead. I pray that everyone continues to keep setting trends and striving. Don’t know when I’ll be back but I don’t even want to think about it. I love you for life.”

The announcement comes a few months after Coi Leray publicly vented about the music industry on her Instagram Stories.

“I’m tired of thinking for everybody!” Coi Leray wrote last year. “I’m tired of people taking the credit for my ideas. Tired of being manipulated. Tired of fighting for my life. Tired of [people’s] opinions, I’m tired of people holding s### against me.”

She continued, “I’m tired of people looking for sympathy when they just don’t get the job done so they find reasons to make you feel bad: s### is sad [for real] this industry is sad [for real]. Tired. I’m just tired. This life is draining. I’m so hungry and motivated. Any label would love to have an artist like me. Sad man. Sad. It’s really a mental sacrifice.”

Coi Leray is fresh off the release of a new single titled “Anxiety,” which arrived in January. Last week, she dropped a music video for the track.

Watch the “Anxiety” video below.