Comedian Andrew Schulz Zeros In On Gangster Rap; Says Troy Ave Shooting “A Rap Thing”


(AllHipHop News) Comedian Andrew Schulz recently ruffled some feathers when he took to Twitter to express his opinion that murders are only happening at rap concerts.

According to Schulz, people are refusing to take responsibility for these reoccurring acts of violence.

His comment follows the recently fatal shooting that took place at Irving Plaza which involved rapper Troy Ave, who is charged with attempted murder.

Schulz’ followers quickly responded by providing him examples of deaths and violent incidents that occurred outside of the rap realm such as incidents that occurred at rock and EDM concerts.

But Schulz isn’t backing down.

The “Guy Code”/Brilliant Idiots co-host even said racism played a part, noting Eminem’s lyrics are violent, although he often receives a pass.