Conway The Machine Reveals Struggles With Fame Following 2012 Shooting: “I’m Just A Recluse” 

Buffalo rapper Conway the Machine

Conway The Machine said therapy helped him realize how much unresolved trauma remained after being shot in the head in 2012.

Conway The Machine has opened up about his ongoing mental health issues, including suffering “severe anxiety” over his new album release party due to trauma stemming from a 2012 shooting.  

In a candid appearance on Math Hoffa’s My Expert Opinion podcast, the Buffalo representative expressed regret over comments about his departure from Griselda and Shady Records as well as an online feud with Funk Flex. Conway The Machine explained that he hadn’t predicted the public scrutiny he would receive because he was still adjusting to fame and was unaware of how much attention he was getting.  

The “Stressed” hitmaker revealed he shunned public engagements following the 2012 shooting that left the right side of his face paralyzed.  

“I don’t know because I’m just a recluse. I’ll be like just dolo to myself,” he said before adding, “I think that came from getting shot.” 

Conway explained that he was left with mental scars after getting shot in the head while leaving the club in his hometown. 

“So I’m looking at clubs like, ‘I don’t go out man. I ain’t going to that party, I ain’t going to that event, I don’t want to do that anymore. ‘What time the interview? 10:30? Naw, I’m good bro. I’m chilling, I’m already inside.’” 

Conway The Machine Experienced “Severe Anxiety” Over Album Release Party

In a separate clip of the episode, Conway The Machine revealed he was unaware of how much unresolved trauma remained until he started therapy.  

He continued, “I stay to myself and work in the shadows. I hate videos, I hate pictures and cameras and s###,” Conway said before adding that he is still dealing with his issues. “I didn’t know I hadn’t,” he said. “Speaking with a therapist and she made me realize ‘you haven’t healed yet.’” 

Conway revealed that being so reclusive led him to question his position in the game. He even confided in trusted peers, “This s### look like n##### aint f###### with me. Because I don’t get outside. Not because I can’t, I just don’t.” However, “The love was definitely felt” at his Won’t He Do It release party earlier this month.  

“I was having severe anxiety about that night,” he said, explaining he didn’t promote the event heavily. “But then I pulled up and seen all the love, everybody had pulled up.”