EXCLUSIVE: Damon Dash, Nemesis Lawyer Ordered To Mediate $50 Million Lawsuit Over Groping, Stolen Photo Allegations

Damon Dash

Damon Dash may have to face a lawyer who has filed multiple lawsuits against the rap mogul. This one is over allegations Damon groped a woman and stole her equipment and 100,000 photos.  

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Damon Dash could be on the fast track to squashing a $50 million sexual assault lawsuit filed by a photographer and the lawyer he dubbed a “Culture Vulture.” 

New court documents reveal a judge has ordered Damon or his lawyer, and Christopher Brown and his client Monique Bunn into court, in a last-ditch effort to try to settle the case. 

Brown and Bunn filed the lawsuit in December of 2019, claiming the Roc-A-Fella co-founder accosted her while he was intoxicated, and then kept a hard drive that held over 100,000 pictures of famous rappers and other celebrities.

The legal problems started on April 18th, 2019, when Bunn spent the night at Dame’s Los Angeles mansion to work on a photo shoot for his Poppington brand. 

Bunn said she was roused out of her slumber after Damon supposedly rubbed her breasts and buttocks without her consent. Damon has denied all of Bunn’s allegations. 

Yesterday (December 9th), a mediator named Stephen A. Marcus was assigned to help mediate the case between the parties. 

“Each party must appear at the mediation in person or by a representative with final authority to settle the case and must be represented at the mediation by the attorney expected to try the case,” according to the court. 

Marcus has 30 days to inform Damon Dash, his lawyers, and Christopher Brown and his client Monique Bunn, of the mediation date. 

Earlier this week, it was revealed a different judge has ordered Damon Dash into court for another deposition over a $6 million lawsuit over the movie “Dear Frank/The List.” 

Christopher Brown is representing filmmaker Josh Webber in another lawsuit, which accuses Damon Dash of making disparaging remarks that allegedly cost him a $6 million deal.

EXCLUSIVE: Lawyer Vows To Get “Every Penny” Of $300K Judgment From Damon Dash

In April, Christopher Brown won a $300,000 judgment against Damon Dash, on behalf of his client, author Edwyna Brooks, who sued him for stealing the film adaptation of her four-part book series, “Mafietta.”

Christopher Brown is also trying to sue Damon Dash for $7.4 million for defamation, and another $1 million for the same allegation in a Massachusetts court, claiming he slandered the lawyer in multiple states including Massachusetts, Hawaii, and New York.

That action was thrown out of court in Massachusettes, but the relentless lawyer is asking the court to reconsider their verdict. And, Brown re-filed the lawsuit in United States District Court, Central District o California last month.