Danny Brown Discusses His Upcoming ‘Atrocity Exhibition’ Album


(AllHipHop News) It has been 3 years since Detroit-born rapper Danny Brown dropped his last album Old. Brown is set to return with a new body of work titled Atrocity Exhibition.

Entertainment Weekly caught up with Brown to get more information about his forthcoming project. The “When It Rain” rhymer suggested Atrocity Exhibition is the first real representation of his true aesthetic.

“With this one, it was all about finding my sound — this feels, to me, like the first Danny Brown album,” said the 35-year-old Hip Hop artist. “Before, I experimented and tried out sounds, maybe something that was popular out at the time, I might go over something like that. But with this album, I didn’t care about what was happening with music today.”

Prior to Old, Danny released 2011’s XXX. He discussed the connection between his last two LPs and Atrocity Exhibition.

“All my albums are like documentaries of my life. With XXX, I was going through [those topics] at the time. And Atrocity Exhibition is all about everything that happened after XXX came out,” explained Brown. “Where Old, it was before XXX and the future. It would be Side A [of Old], XXXAtrocity Exhibition, Side B [of Old]. That’s how this movie would go.”

While Danny Brown is known to take extended breaks between releasing official projects, the man born Daniel Sewell is still one of the most critically acclaimed new rappers of the last six years.

Atrocity Exhibition will feature other well-received 2010 era emcees such as Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, and Earl Sweatshirt. They all appear on the posse cut “Really Doe.”

Brown stated, “When I was making XXX, my top three rappers – the three guys that I was like, ‘Damn, I think they might rap better than me’ – were Ab-Soul, Kendrick, and Earl. The guys I looked at as competition are now my friends. We’re like the Four Horsemen.”