Daylyt To Meek Mill: How You Gonna Call Drake Fake When You’re Signed To The Fakest Rapper? (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Meek Mill’s decision to call out Drake for using “ghostwriters” is currently the most talked about issue in the culture. Everyone from MMG boss Rick Ross to Atlanta rapper OG Maco to members of OVO and Dreamchasers have weighed in on the controversy. In comes battle rapper Daylyt.

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The Watts native took issue with Meek referring to Drake as fake in one of his tweets. Daylyt responded by taking a shot at the head of Meek’s label, Rick Ross, in a vlog.

“So Meek now you don’t f*ck with Drake cause you may feel like he don’t write his own sh*t? [You’re saying] sh*t like he’s fake, you can’t f*ck with n*gga that ain’t real,” says Day.

He continues, “All I’m gonna say is, how in the flying f*ck are you gonna say you can’t f*ck with Drake cause he’s not real when the n*gga that signed you may be the fakest rapper known to f*cking mankind.”

Daylyt previously backed up Drake during his conflict with Tyga. He warned his fellow California representative to leave Drake alone. Tyga famously called Drake fake as well.

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Watch Daylyt’s vlog below.