DDG Responds To Claims He’s An E-List Rapper After Halle Bailey Breakup 

DDG Halle Bailey

The rapper directs haters to the success of his most recent song.

Rapper DDG, a Pontiac rapper who cut his teeth as a social media star and made megabucks by capitalizing on his influencer online status, wants people to know he is not an E-list celebrity.  The comment comes as fans turn on him in support of Halle Bailey, his rumored-ex.

AllHipHop.com reported on DDG have been a couple for a minute with her even starring in his video, “If I Want You.”

The two reportedly started dating in late 2021. The couple has been seen attending industry events together, including the 2022 BET Awards. Back in January, DDG also uploaded a vacation video to his PontiacMadeDDG VLOGS channel on YouTube which featured cameos by Halle Bailey. This clearly up his profile in mainstream media.

The breakup was reported attributed to infidelity.

After the alleged breaking up with Bailey, the lead in the new Disney “Little Mermaid” movie, people are saying the rapper is not as popping as he thought he was.

But he begs to differ, laughing at the mere suggestion he is not a bonafide star.

He tweeted, “E-list rapper” kinda funny ngl lol.”

He later tweeted proof as to why he is actually a big deal. His new song is included in a Top 5 hot songs on radio.

“Number 2 😮‍💨🔥 E-List rapper going crazy 😂 I’m Geekin remix this friday!!” he shot out.

Do you think he shut his haters down?