Did Ice Cube Break The Mic At The NFL Draft?

Ice Cube - NFL

Ice Cube was supporting Raiders nation in Las Vegas when he was called up to the stage to help open the NFL draft.

Ice Cube attempted to hype the crowd during the NFL draft on Thursday evening (Apr. 28) and almost ended up shutting down the show instead!

The Raider’s fan was in the front row of the crowd, enjoying the show with the fans, when he was spotted by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell who called him up to the stage.

Once he made his way to the stage, the rap icon addressed the audience. “What’s up Las Vegassssss?” Ice Cube yelled, hyping the crowd. 

However, Ice Cube’s booming voice was accompanied by harsh scratching noises from the microphone. “Let’s get this party started right!,” he continued.” If y’all are ready for this draft, let me hear you say yeah!!! Say oh yeah!!!!”

Still, the audio issues prevailed, leading many to comment that Ice Cube broke the microphone.

Undeterred, continued and shouted out the home team, Raiders, to a chorus of booing from the crowd. He also brought out their quarterback, Derek Carr, whose voice was barely audible over the now apparently busted mic. 

The sound problems continued for Goodell despite the fact his voice was transmitting smoothly before Ice Cube took the mic.

Fortunately, the technical issues didn’t affect the draft and had subsided by the time Jaguars chose Travon Walker at No. 1.

Nonetheless, fans watching the NFL draft from home responded hilariously to Ice Cube “breaking the microphone.” Check out some of the reactions on Twitter below.