Diddy Launches Meditation Series Called “Sweet Dreams”

Diddy is teaming up with Ariana Huffington to help those impacted by the pandemic get better rest.

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(AllHipHop News) Mr. Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop wants you to uhm… stop…

At least for a moment and get some rest. But he understands how hard that could be for people who were on the run, but found themselves forced to sit down.

The sudden stoppage is not only driving them crazy but leaving the stressed out, discombobulated, and moreover— unable to sleep.

He has the remedy and it is not this will truly blow your mind.

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Sean “Brother Love” Combs has partnered with Ariana Huffington’s Thrive Global to create something that will help you relax and finally get the rest that you need and deserve.

Love took to his IG to hock the sleep meditation that he has created and shares that it is priced just right: It will be free.

The meditation is called “Sweet Dreams” and features his voice. His smoothed out “Ladies love Diddy” voice comes through as he is recorded saying phrases that are sure to make you drift and is available on audible.com/sleep.

“It’s time to slow down and enter a period of deep restorative rest.”

In addition to Diddy, celebrities like Nick Jonas, Gabby Bernstein, Sara Auster and Jesse Israel lead meditations, bedtime stories, sound baths, soundscapes, ASMR sessions and more.