DJ Khaled And His Wife Open A Preschool On Their Estate To Help Quarantined Kids Learn

Nicole Tuck and DJ Khaled

The hit producer and his wife are paying it forward and doing their part to help kids as everyone deals with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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DJ Khaled and his wife Nicole are putting their vast fortune to work for the betterment of their children, and other families’ kids too. 

Thanks to COVID-19, tens-of-millions of kids were deprived of traditional education and forced to sit in front of a computer in favor of Zoom meetings as schools closed around the country to prevent the spread of the deadly virus. 

The abrupt change in learning also impacted DJ Khaled’s family, since their 4-year-old Asahd was just starting preschool. Khaled’s wife wanted more for Ashad so she created her plan of action. 

“In March, when Asahd’s preschool sent everybody home, I was doing the Zoom classes with him every single day. I thought to myself, “This cannot be the best we can do!’,” she explained to Parents Magazine in a new issue featuring the family on its cover. 

“So I organized a learning pod at our house with other quarantined families. We have seven kids and two teachers. And it’s absolutely amazing!” Nicole revealed. 

DJ Khaled was all in for teaching the group of children too. The hit producer and his wife turned a guesthouse on their property into a schoolhouse, complete with a playground! 

Being quarantined has also been good for Khaled’s relationship with both of his children. During Asahd’s lunch break, the busy producer gets to spend quality time with his son, who is growing up fast. 

“We do this thing after lunch where we drive around together in the golf cart, just him and me. That’s our time. He tells me everything he’s doing and what he’s been thinking about. And I talk to him about how proud we are of him and how good he’s doing in school, and how great he is at being a big brother,” DJ Khaled said.