DJ Khaled Injured In Surfing Accident: “I’m In So Much Pain”  

DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled was forced to abandon a game of golf halfway through after the pain from his surfing injury became too much to bear.

DJ Khaled got into some trouble while pursuing one of many of his water sports activities recently. The “GOD DID” hitmaker was on the water in Florida with an electric hydrofoil surfboard. While he seemed in control while cruising on his knees, DJ Khaled became unstuck when he tried to crank it up a notch. He lost his balance as he tried to stand up on the surfboard and came crashing down onto the waves. 

He took to Instagram to reveal the blunder left him in so much pain he had to leave his beloved golf course. However, he went straight to get a massage and is awaiting medical advice.  

“So, I’m getting a massage right now, because I hurt myself yesterday surfing. I have the footage of me falling…flying through the sky, hitting the board on my rib. Bellyflopping in the water,” Khaled admitted in a video.

He then explained he has footage of his surfing accident but is unsure about sharing it: “I’m in so much pain. I tried to golf this morning…I made it to like the eighth hole. Then I had to stop myself. So, I came to get a massage to get better.”  

While Khaled’s masseuse believes the injury is muscle inflammation, the super producer isn’t taking any chances.  

“I called a doctor, he’s gonna come later on this evening, just to make sure it ain’t nothing serious,” he added. “My masseuse is saying it’s just the muscle. She feels the muscle really irritated and disturbed in that area. I never stop, but I gotta be smart.”  

After a few hours of thought, Khaled decided to post the video. “ALL CATEGORIES LETS GO.” 

“ITS OK TO BE HAPPY !” he captioned the clip.  

This isn’t DJ Khaled’s first water sports mishap. A few years back, he got lost at sea after a night time jet ski ride. In 2017, he injured himself after crashing his jet ski while en route to Diddy’s house.