DMV Rapper OG ManMan Murdered After Filming Music Video At Grave Site of Rival


(AllHipHopNews) According to reports DMV rapper OG ManMan, whose real name is Antonio Leach, was recently murdered in southeast DC.

The details surrounding the 23-year-old rapper’s murder are emerging, but his slaying is believed to be retaliation for his very controversial video “Truth,” in which he throws darts at his enemies ruthlessly.

The video opens with OG ManMan masked while sporting two guns nefariously, then continues with him at the gravesite of one of his rivals portrayed in the video.

His actions at the grave site are very disrespectful as he pours out a bottle of liquor over a photo of the individual and then proceeds to light the portrait ablaze.

There is also an audio clip featured during his appearance at the grave that seems to be the news report of the individual’s murder.

In the vitriol fueled track OG ManMan raps lines such as:

“Keep playing n**ga I swear to god they gonna miss you, Once I get to spraying I swear to god I’m gonna hit you.”

In the song, OG ManMan also vows to take out other members of the rival crew.

The rapper had previously addressed the strong response to the video in an interview with Cutthroat TV before his murder stating, “I mean, it’s disrespectful, it’s real, it’s the truth. What you expect?”

He also spoke on some of his issues with the rival crew.

Check out the controversial video below.