DMX’s Financial Issues Become Public As IRS Targets Late Rapper Again


According to reports, DMX’s estate is in financial straits.

Weeks after his death, someone leaks DMX’s financials and lets the world know about his IRS struggles.

According to reports, Dark Man X, whose real name is Earl Simmons, owed $663,554.55 in back taxes and the government was set to put a lien on his assets.

The news, as laid out in court papers, is alleged to have been shared with him and his ex-wife Tashera Simmons months before his tragic and unexpected death.

The document says that the Internal Revenue Service says that The Simmons as a couple owes $358,681.62 (2002), $35,896.09 (2003), and $268,976.84 (2005).

DMX alone owes $338k owed for 2002.

Taxes were the reason why the “Get at Me Dog” rapper was locked in 2018.

DMX Gets A Prison Sentence And Must Also Repay Millions To IRS

The government sentenced him to one full year for tax fraud to the tune of $1.7 million — to which he worked out a deal with the Feds for his freedom.

The artist transitioned on April 9, leaving a gaping hole in the hearts of so many, evidenced by a two-day funeral that made the entire culture devastated and bereaved. Out of this devastation, rumors of familial strife have circulated.

His children are already fighting over his assets and estate, which as of 2021.

Some of the kids believe his estate is worth $50,000, while another set insist the rapper was worth closer to $1 million. Many understand that the fight between them is not just about the $50K, but the massive influx that comes after an artist dies.

The Economist notes about the boom to catalogs that occur when rappers die, solving many of the woes they had when they were alive.

The site posted, “Critics of posthumous releases—including fans, music critics and artists alike—charge that they are a corporate cash-grab.”

Biggie. Tupac. Pop Smoke. Mac Miller XXXTentacion, JUICE WRLD and so many more are proof of this. The Dog is proof of this.

After his death, streams of his music went up 928% and a spike total of 75.7 million audio and video streams were calculated the day of his death, and the day after his death.

His label has already released two singles, less than two months after his death and his new album Exodus comes out tomorrow (May 28).

His tax business is leaking. The kids are fighting. Money is getting made now but not when he was alive.

We hope he is resting in peace.