Dr. Dre’s Wife Goes On A Shopping Spree After Losing Court Battle Over Millions

The paparazzi took some flick’s of Dr. Dre’s out and about in Pasadena, doing some shopping after a court date in their ongoing divorce war!

Nicole Young and Andre “Dr. Dre” Young’s very public divorce proceeding hit a bump in the road for the Missus, as the presiding judge denied her request of $6.5 million ($5 million legal fees and $1.5 million for incidental expenses) related to the dissolving of their marriage. 

How did the 50-year-old former attorney handle it? She went shopping!

The paparazzi found Nicole out in Pasadena, California doing some shopping … lots of shopping. Dressed in all black, she was snapped while loading up her vehicle and leaving a shopping plaza.

Earlier in the day, the judge sided with Dr. Dre by dismissing her ask for a mid-seven figure payout. 

During this particular hearing, the judge brought up her issues with the security detail Dre was paying for. Nicole fired them because she thought they were telling Dre her business.  

Dr. Dre’s Wife Says Theft Claims Are Preposterous And Pathetic

Before the world attacks the mother of two, remember she is breaking up with her husband of 24 years. But Nicole’s divorce hearing is not like many other women in America. 

Dre is worth an estimated $800 million and the couple is fighting over the fortune. Dre insists Nicole signed an iron-clad pre-nup, but Nicole claims she was forced into signing the agreement, and that she also co-owns the rights to Dre’s stage name “Dr. Dre” and the trademark for “The Chronic.”

It is hard to be sympathetic, when so many, particularly during COVID-19 are struggling during their divorce to make ends meet or keep a roof over their head.