Drake Reveals 2023 Plans, Including World Tour 


Drake confirmed he will be hitting the road in 2023, although he doesn’t want to tour until ‘Her Loss’ collaborator 21 Savage can join him.

As 2022 comes to an end, Drake is reflecting on the past twelve months and looking forward to the next year, revealing his new year’s resolutions. 

The Canadian megastar admitted he’s happy with his progress and wants to go into the next year with the same mindset. He also confirmed he will hit the road in 2023 while making time for his family. 

“I just really want to continue down the path that I’m on,” Drake shared during an interview with the gambling site Stake. “I feel extremely healthy, I feel that I’m in the best shape mentally, physically of my life. I’ve been spending so much time with family, my son, it’s just been amazing.” 

Drake also shared his gratitude for reaching a point where he can maintain a healthy work-life balance.  

“I feel like I finally found this comfort point where I’m able to genuinely disconnect from all the noise of the world and be able to live my own life without being a recluse, without having to disappear and have no phone or no contact,” Drake explained. “I’m able to enjoy my life simultaneously while being at the forefront of pop culture.” 

Drake Confirms 2023 Tour

Drake fans will be excited to hear the “Jimmy Cooks” rapper has been preparing to take his show on the road. 

“Tour. I can’t wait,” Drake confirmed. “You know, it’s so unfortunate. The other day I was rehearsing a bunch of days and one of the shows got pushed back. But yeah, man, I’m just looking forward to going. It’s like one thing to make the music but to see it is the most gratifying feeling.” 

While Drizzy’s eager for 21 Savage to join him on tour, it might not be possible due to travel restrictions. 21 is subject to travel restrictions stemming from his 3-year-old immigration case.  

“Free up my brother 21 Savage so that we can touch road and go on tour, straight up, that’s my new year’s resolution,” Drake added. “They need to free my brother off all that travel s### so that we can go see the people because I can’t see the world without him.” 

Elsewhere in the interview, Drake revealed he’s been listening to SZA’s “incredible” new album SOS. As reported by AllHipHop.com, he also shared his thoughts on all the “Rich Flex” memes. Watch the interview below.