Drake Reveals He Secretly Had COVID-19

Champagne Papi shared with fans that the real reason why his hairline has been looking “stressed.”

Everyone knows that Drake wears his heart on his sleeve, musically. Recently, he’s also taken to sporting a heart on his head or, more specifically, on his hairline.   

Knowing the importance of a good haircut, the Canadian-born rapper felt the need to clarify what he viewed as a slight on his pristine image. This week, while scrolling through a Drake fan page on Instagram, Aubrey spotted a post with an image he was not a fan of! 

Drake (Champagne Papi’s Official Instagram, 1/24)

A close-up image of the “Faded” rapper showed in detail the heart shape Drake had shaved into his hairline. The heart is to symbolize his upcoming album Certified Lover Boy. The account owner captioned the image with “That hair is stressed.”

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Drake’s “stressed” heart

Drake didn’t take too kindly to this and responded with “I had Covid that s*it grew in weird I had to start again,” he added a “crying with laughter” emoji and said, “it’s coming back don’t diss.”

Drake asks fans not to diss his hairline.

It is unclear when the image was taken, but Drake’s hairline heart has changed shape many times since it first appeared in August last year. Any close followers of Drake’s follicles could be forgiven for thinking the rapper uses a different barber every time. Apparently not!  

Drake did not say exactly when he contracted Covid-19. However, it is public knowledge that he was tested for it in March 2020.

Last week, the rap superstar was reportedly back in the studio working on his new album. Certified Lover Boy was first slated for release back in January this year. The project was delayed after the “One Dance” artist had knee surgery in fall 2020. Drake said at the time “I was planning to release my album this month but between surgery and rehab my energy has been dedicated to recovery.”  

There is speculation amongst fans that Drake is waiting for Kanye West’s Donda album to drop. The two have a very public long-running feud. Some fans are convinced Drake will release his project on the same day Donda comes out.