Drake Reveals That He Was Hospitalized Due To Injury

While raising awareness and money for those affected by COVID-19, the “Hotline Bling” rapper shared that he was hospitalized during the pandemic and that those working in the medical facility were nothing but nice to him; “They are the glue holding us all together.”

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(AllHipHop News) Rapper and mogul Drake has demonstrated that he cares about the millions of people who have been impacted by the novel coronavirus over the last few months.

He has joined various challenges, donating a few causes and even hosted the “Stronger Together,” “Tous Ensemble” special on Canadian television.

But in his last words during the broadcast, he revealed that while he has been helping others there are some who have helped him.*

“I want to send all my love, all my gratitude, all of my support out to the frontline workers, the first responders, the healthcare workers. I actually ended up in the hospital the other day due to a foot injury,” Drake revealed to the show’s viewers. “Just to see the morale, the smiles, the high spirits on everyone’s face that I got to encounter in that situation, despite everything going on, was just incredible to see people who have to leave their families every day and go to work amidst this crisis as dangerous as it is.”

The “Tootsie Slide” singer did not reveal the extent of his injuries. Instead, he opted to parrot the recommendations of various health professionals across the globe and saluted those abiding by their respective city’s quarantine restrictions.*

“To the people who are at home right now, abiding by the rules, self-isolating, who feel unaffected or not yet affected by the situation directly. I know it can still weigh on your mental health. I want to urge everybody that’s in their own space to find the silver lining in the times we’re living through right now,” Drake advised.

“Now is a time for self-reflection,” he continued. “I hope we all emerge better people, a more unified people.”