Drake Stalker Wants To Put A Bullet In His Head


Drake filed for a restraining order against a woman named Mesha Collins, who’s allegedly been harassing the rapper for years.

Drake is asking the court for protection from an alleged stalker.

According to TMZ, Drake pursued legal action to deal with a woman who’s allegedly been harassing him for years. The music star’s lawyer Larry Stein filed a petition for a temporary restraining order against 29-year-old Mesha Collins.

Drake wants a protective order to prevent Collins from coming within 100 yards of him and his family. He fears for the safety of himself and his family due to Collins’ “obsession.”

In court documents obtained by TMZ, Drake alleges Collins sent him threatening emails. Last month, she purportedly told him to “put a bullet through your head now b####” in one email.

Collins was arrested for trespassing after breaking into the OVO co-founder’s Los Angeles mansion in 2017. He decided not to press charges against her, but his issues with Collins didn’t end there.

Years later, Collins filed a $4 billion lawsuit against Drake accusing him of invasion of privacy. The lawsuit was dismissed in 2021 yet she continued to pursue it.

Last month, a judge denied Collins’ attempt to revive the invasion of privacy lawsuit. Following the second dismissal, Collins asked for her own restraining order against Drake. Her request was denied.