Drakeo The Ruler Drops New Mixtape “Thank You for Using GTL” From Prison

drakeo the ruler

The prison walls are no match for Drakeo the Ruler’s art. Take a listen to his brand new mixtape, recorded via a prison phone system.

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(AllHipHop News) Cali rappers continue to push the envelope and make something out of nothing. In that tradition, Drakeo creates a project by hook or crook, against the backdrop of civil unrest.

The irony chokes you.

While West coast rapper Drakeo remains locked up in jail, Los Angeles has been burning in protest over years and years of civic misconduct perpetrated by various levels of the city’s law enforcement.

From the critique of the wicked politicians who turned a blind eye in the 60s, the criminal behavior of the LAPD toward Rodney King in the 90s, to 2020’s opposition to District Attorney Jackie Lacey, who unscrupulously refuses to prosecute police officers who have accused of abusing their authority – the City of Angels is on fire — while The Ruler sits in solitary confinement dreaming about his freedom.

According to family, D.A. Lacey is why Drakeo is knocked.

Drakeo The Ruler is in the hole waiting for his chance to retry his case for a crime he has already been acquitted for.


The rapper was acquitted of murder in July of 2019, but Lacey’s office used his rap lyrics as proof to connect him to illegal activities.

Drakeo, real name Darrell Caldwell, was hit with a criminal gang conspiracy and another for shooting from a motor vehicle, both of which could net him a life sentence.

“Don’t think you can be charged for the same thing as me,” explained Drakeo. “They’re doing it to me. How many regular people do you think they’re going to do this to?”

Drakeo may be behind the bars, but he still is producing quality heat.

Today, (June 5), Drakeo released an 18-track mixtape, “Thank You for Using GTL,” a project recorded through a prison phone over the span of two weeks.

The 26-year-old transformed GTL, the inmate telecommunications system contracted by Los Angeles County, into his studio and created a solid project with his producer JOOGSZN.

“I plugged my phone into my computer when Drakeo called, and we recorded all the tracks over a period of 36 hours,” explained JOOGSZN, producer and project architect. “His aunt put money on the phone so we could do this album. Some lyrics were off the top, some were written.

“We planned create a tape before he went to jail and I held onto some of the beats intended for that time. I would preview the beats over the phone, Drakeo would pick which ones match for each song. My set up was super simple,” JOOGSZN continued. “I propped my laptop up on a cereal box, hooked up a Beats Pill directed at the phone so Drakeo could hear the beat as he rapped and I had the phone line recording directly into my landline so I could get the cleanest audio possible.”

Rio Da Young OG, ALLBLACK, and Lil 9 are featured on the project and is out now via Stinc Team Records for fans.

In March, Drakeo shared Free Drakeo, a compilation of loose singles and unreleased material with appearances from 03 Greedo, Maxo Kream, SOB X RBE, Rio Da Young OG, Desto Dubb, and more.

Most recently, Drakeo recorded a remix of his own, talking his smack for six-and-a-half minutes over the beat from Shordie Shordie’s Platinum-selling “Bitchuary.”

As people continue to bring down and reform the corrupt criminal justice, his team wants you to remember to scream #FreeDrakeo. But until then, check out his new music and listen to this quality project that is packed with the angst that has set LA on fire.