Eminem Taking On Australia’s National Party Politicians Over His Hit “Lose Yourself”



(AllHipHop News) Detroit rap star Eminem is gearing up to do battle with the National Party in Australia.

Eminem filed a lawsuit against the National Party in 2014, claiming the political organization used his song “Lose Yourself” in a political ad without permission.

The rap star and his publishing company, 8 Mile Style, are p##### that the National Party used “Lose Yourself,” for their ad campaign in the 2014 election in the country, but never sought out his permission.

The National Party has denied that they infringed on Em’s copyrighted work. Instead, they claimed they hired a local production company who created the original music, which was also used by other customers without complaints.

Nevertheless, the High Court at Wellington held a conference call between 8 Mile Style and the National Party earlier this week to try and reach a resolution over the copyright infringement claims.

National Party leader/Australian Prime Minister Bill English said he was unable to comment on the progress of the talks, due to the pending court date.

“This is a matter for the courts,” Bill English told the New Zealand Herald. “I don’t have any comment to make on it. I’ve had no contact with anyone related to the court case.”

The trial is slated to begin in May of 2017.