Eminem’s Wife Kim “Overhydrated” For Drug Tests On Accident, Judge Rules


(AllHipHop News) Eminem’s ex-wife Kim Mathers was in a Detroit courtroom today (March 20), to face charges she may have been altering her drug tests.

Kim is on probation from an incident in October 2015, in which she downed a 1/5 of Malibu rum, popped some pills and crashed her Cadillac SUV on purpose, in an attempt to commit suicide.

She was later placed on one-year probation and ordered undergo regular drug treatment tests, in addition to using a breathalyzer on a regular basis.

Today in court, a judge ruled that Kim was innocent of making any modifications to her drug tests, even though her probation officers had claimed they came back diluted six different times.

Kim denied that she “overhydrated” on purpose, and a judge agreed that the diluted results could have been coincidental.

However, the judge ordered Kim to continue to use the breathalyzer for the next 90 days.