EXCLUSIVE: Damon Dash Wins Victory In Nasty Battle With Lawyer Over Movie

Damon Dash won a round in the ongoing battle over control of the film “Dear Frank/The List.”

(AllHipHop News) A lawyer suing Damon Dash took a loss in court this week when a judge declined to grant a default judgment in a battle over ownership of the movie “Dear Frank/The List.”

Christopher Brown and Josh Webber were asking Judge Robert Lehrburger to name them as the rightful owners of the contested movie.

Brown and Webber maintain Damon Dash has been deliberately derailing the lawsuit by withholding evidence and refusing to comply during the discovery process.

They asked Judge Lehrburger to grant a judgment in their favor, and dismiss Damon’s counterclaims that he was promised equity in the movie.

According to Judge Lehrburger, Damon may have repeatedly obstructed the discovery process, but it would be too early to grant a judgment in favor of Josh Webber and Muddy Water Pictures.

“Given the Second Circuit’s preference for determining cases on the merits, and in the interest of applying sanctions proportionately, the Court does not deem it appropriate at this juncture to impose terminating sanctions,” Judge Lehrburger wrote. “Likewise, awarding an adverse inference (or multiple adverse inferences) is premature. Accordingly, Plaintiffs’ application is denied without prejudice.”

Damon Dash is not in the clear, by a longshot.

Damon has already been sanctioned for his ongoing attacks on Christopher Brown which started after a wild deposition in November of 2019, when the police were called to the law offices of Shukat Arrow Hafer Weber & Herbsman, LLP in Manhattan.

If Brown and Webber’s attempt to wrestle control of the film from Damon is ultimately denied, a new deposition will have to take place, setting the stage for another explosive showdown between the rap boss and Christopher Brown.

However, this time around the parties will have to meet at the Federal courthouse in Brooklyn.

In related news, Judge Lehrburger held Damon Dash in contempt of court for refusing to take down a series of social media posts claiming ownership of the movie from September of 2017.

In addition to the battle over “Dear Frank/The List,” Christopher Brown is suing Damon Dash in a fight for the copyrights to a movie called “Mafietta.”

And, Christopher Brown is asking for a default judgment of $51 million for a photographer who claims Damon sexually assaulted her at his house in Los Angeles.

And as previously reported, Christopher Brown recently filed a $7.4 million libel lawsuit against Damon Dash, claiming the constant attacks have resulted in a loss of work for his clients and even death threats.